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The Kaolin team is proud to announce that we have achieved Level-A GreenRate certification from Global GreenTag across our range of 750+ products.
Our expertise combines the finest product, innovation of the highest calibre, and certified sustainable solutions. We define contemporary architecture by drawing upon antique traditions and infusing them with technological innovations.
The latest developments in the production process of porcelain tile manufacturing and its impact on the quality.
One of the most underestimated issues with tiles is bowing or lipping. Not only do “bowy” tiles look aesthetically unpleasant, but they can also cause a tripping hazard. Often it happens that installations do not comply with Australian
Nothing is more frustrating than choosing a product, without knowing how to differentiate the quality from good to bad. In this video, we would like to explain what you need to look for and how to assess and compare the quality between
We find that there is a great deal of confusion and misinterpretation surrounding the Australian Standards of Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials (AS 4586-2013) and its specified slip-ratings.
Our Natural Vein collection offers unique products, with veins and colours being printed all the way through the body, now providing endless options for porcelain tiles applications. It is almost impossible to differentiate it from
At Kaolin, we offer quite a large range of sizes, from 600*600mm right up to what is currently the biggest tile in the world at 1.6*3.6m. However, we’ve found a wide range of benefits and advantages for the 750*1500mm and 900*1800mm
The long-standing debate; which is better, polished or matte and what finishes should we use where - will always be contested when manufacturing approaches and technology advancements are constantly raising the bar for both finishes.
When you walk into a luxury hotel, they don’t just throw a few pops of coloured cushions on the lobby chairs and be done with it. Their interiors are curated to create environments and experiences. We experience life through texture
Our Showpiece collection adds onto our precious stone range of tiles in bringing rare and exotic marble replications but in connecting vein and book-matched options.
Although we specialise in high gloss marble reproduction, we do offer a number of different finishes in our range include matt, lapatto and honed. But one of our special finishes is our leathered look marble reproductions.
Celebrating the absolute freedom of creativity, these pieces result from the alchemy of artistic expression and our premium Kaolin product.
We are arguably the only surface manufacturer producing luxurious marble patterns that are not only a sustainable alternative to natural or engineered stone, but does so with a carbon-neutral production process.
With industry best specifications and standards over 10 times stricter than international requirements, Kaolin are able to offer a product so exact that grout joints as small as 0.5mm can be used. How do we achieve this?
Tiles are not just a simple construction material; it is a fashion. It is the first thing you see when you walk into any space that gives you the first impression and for many years to come.
Body of the tile is quite often overlooked when it comes to the tile choice. However, it can easily reveal the true quality and its complexity. More sophisticated bodies can provide additional value and increase the number of applications.
Kaolin’s most obvious benefit is our print quality. Our Kaolin factory uses the industry best printing technologies to reproduce stone and marble to the finest detail, without pixelization and creating a depth not seen before in
Kaolin, also called china clay, kaolinite, soft white clay that is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of bone china and porcelain and is widely used in the making of paper, rubber, paint, and many other products.