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Design Consultation Package

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At Kaolin we help envision the promise of your future space with our products of the present. With our curated design package, we provide a one-on-one design consultation, curated mood boards and 3D-renders to help visualize your space with our high-end product.






Provide us with your plans and inspirations and we will help guide your design dreams.

At this stage we will have a one-on-one discussion of your design inspiration, understand the project and advice on the suitable options from our products.

What we need from you to get started on this journey:

  • If available floor plans and dimensions
  • Inspirational images
  • Lead time for materials




Understanding how stressful a build can be, we will make selecting tiles a walk in the park for you. We will assist you through this stage to shortlist the perfect tiles for your space that suits your style and reflects your design choices.

What we need from you at this stage:

  • If available quantity required
  • Desired size of tiles
  • Desired look based on our products
  • Understanding project budget



Design is not only about one product but it a marriage between different material coming together to elevate the space. Once we have finalized your choice of tiles, we will provide a curated Mood board with material, colours and finishes that will help compliment the tile selected.

What we need from you to bring it together:

  • If available, materials already included in the space
  • If already selected, finishes for the space

Please note if client changes their design, we can provide up to 3 changes accordingly.




The final stage is the cherry on top of an already beautiful cake. We will be able to provide a photorealistic 3D render of your space once the tiles have been confirmed and selected. At this stage, we would also ask you to provide us with a $500 refundable fee (which will be refunded once you purchase tiles of $10,000 value with us), to cover the cost of the render production.

A render of space will help you visualize your space with the selected tiles applied.

This is stage will depend on the scale of the project and the tiles selected.






1. Eligibility to redeem this offer requires the individual to warrant and represent that they have full power, capacity and authority to accept the Terms and Conditions of this offer.

2. This consultation package includes:

a. 1-hour design consultation with one of the Design Consultants at Kaolin Tiles. This consultation can be on the phone or in the showroom.

b. 1 Moodboard provided by the Design Consultant based on the 1-hour consultation and materials provided before.

c. 1 render of the interior based on 1-hour consultation, moodboard and materials provided

3. Eligibility for this offer:

a. Being an owner of a current project with an estimated purchase value of tiles to be over $10,000 AUD (inc. GST)

b. Project has to be located in an area that can be served by Kaolin Tiles.

c. The project will be registered and is unique by its address, unless the change of ownership occurred.

d. Only one consultation package per project.

e. Purchase of Kaolin Tiles product should be estimated to happen within 12 months from the date of consultation.

f. Being able to provide architectural plans or at least accurate dimensions of the room.

g. The final decision of the eligibility will be determined by Kaolin Tiles.

4. Refund policy:

a. The consultation fee and the value of this offer is $500 AUD (incl. GST) and that value will be deducted as a refund when purchasing Kaolin Tiles product.

b. The amount of $500 AUD (incl. GST) will need to be paid before the start of the moodboard.

c. The purchase value of Kaolin Tiles product must be over $10,000 AUD (incl. GST) in order to receive the value of $500 AUD (incl. GST) as a refund.

d. In case the purchase value of Kaolin Tiles product is lower than $10,000 AUD (incl. GST) the package value of $500 AUD (incl. GST) will not be refunded.


e. The refund will be processed to the registered project only.

f. The refund will be processed to the purchaser of Kaolin Tiles product for the registered project such as owner, builder, designer, or whoever purchases tiles if the address of the project is same as the project to which this consultation is given.

g. The refund can be also provided to the party that has paid the consultation fee of $500 AUD (incl. GST) for the registered project in case another entity or individual purchases Kaolin Tiles product for the same project.

h. The refund is limited to $500 AUD (incl. GST).

5. Amendments:

a. Before the render is produced, we will confirm with the client the area, location and angle. Any further changes or amendments to those will be considered as a new render and will be charged as an additional non-refundable fee of $100 AUD (incl. GST)

b. Client is allowed to have 3 round of amendments for Moodboard and render. Amendments include a change of Kaolin tiles product.

c. Any additional change will be charged at non-refundable rate of $100 AUD (incl. GST) with a maximum of 3 amendments.

6. Moodboard and render is only an artistic impression and will not be used as a reference for construction or represent the final installation. The colours, shade, etc. of the final installation can look different.

7. Kaolin Tiles makes effort to ensure that colours displayed are as close as possible to real life. Differences in display screens, printed paper and lighting can affect the final colour appearance. Be aware that tiles are manufactured and can vary in shade, texture between batches.

8. Moodboard and render must include and visually represent Kaolin Tiles product.

9. The rest of the products in render or moodboard such as vanities, furniture, etc. will be determined by the Design Consultant and may or may not be available for purchase in Australia.

10. All the materials remain the property of Kaolin Tiles and can be used for promotional purposes.

11. The images used for marketing purposes are only an example and the result can be different.

12. The consultation package is not transferable or redeemable for credit and/or cash.