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about Kaolin

Kaolin embodies a fusion of creative talents, craftsmen, and individuals united by a passion for porcelain tiles. Our identity goes beyond the mere merging of Eastern and Western traditions; it signifies a profound integration where the artisanal excellence of Eastern porcelain meets the innovative design philosophies of the West. This fusion cultivates a worldwide design perspective, steered by a family whose rich, cross-cultural background infuses our work with unparalleled depth and insight.

As an integral component of the family-owned Guanxing Porcelain Group, a globally recognized leader in the industry, we have maintained a position among the top 10 Chinese porcelain companies for over a decade. Our commitment to the highest quality standards has facilitated contributions to significant architectural projects worldwide, led by prestigious firms such as Zaha Hadid Architects, PTW, Woods Bagot, KPF, and He Jingtang, and showcased through renowned brands like KAOLIN, ROMARIO, and GUSTO.

Why Kaolin?

Our mission is to pave a path of Sustainable luxury. With the latest technology, and the highest standards we support our customers in creating exceptional designs.

We believe our beautiful certified sustainable porcelain, will inspire and reward every space with excellence, superior durability, and carefree living while considering our environment.



Kaolin Porcelain Surfaces was founded by Rita and Anton. Kaolin is a melting pot of creative people focused on clients, spaces, and an uncompromising sustainable product that heightens the senses. Rita and Anton were raised in different cultures with similar values, interests, and loves. Sydney is one of their loves, they cherish the lifestyle, the community, and being able to raise their kids in the nature around them.

During her youth in China, Rita was profoundly influenced by her grandmother, the family’s matriarch, from whom she learned the importance of family values and became captivated by the complexities of human connections and community life. Her passion for literature deepened, leading her to Australia for her education in Bondi, followed by a Master’s in Economics at KU Leuven (Belgium) and in Chinese Literature at Peking University. Before founding Kaolin, Rita gained significant marketing experience in the property development sector.

Anton, of Russian descent but raised in Belgium, possesses an innate curiosity about the mechanics of how things work, finding creativity within technical details. Anton’s educational background includes studies in International Business at UC Berkeley, Chinese Economy at Fudan University in Shanghai, and a Master’s in Business Engineering at KU Leuven. It was during his tenure at a Management Consulting firm that he met Rita through Mandarin classes. United by their shared experiences and aspirations, they decisively returned to Sydney to establish their roots.