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How to Achieve up to 3 points with Kaolin for GreenStar Buildings

In our continuous journey toward sustainability and innovation, we are excited to share how Kaolin's ground-breaking products not only contribute to greener construction practices but also significantly boost your projects' Green Star ratings, a prestigious benchmark of sustainability by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

Exclusive Achievement in Sustainability


Kaolin proudly stands as the sole manufacturer to have achieved a Level A GreenRate certification by Global GreenTag, for all our tiles in Australia, a distinction shared by only two companies nationwide. This shows how scarce it is to find sustainable tiling options. This recognition underlines our commitment to not just the environment, but also to promoting ethical labour practices, setting us apart in the marketplace.

Your Advantage in Green Star Ratings

Our unmatched certification is highly valued by the GBCA, offering a one-to-one ratio towards Green Star points, compared to the 0.5 or 0.75 ratio provided by Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). This elevated recognition is due to Global GreenTag’s comprehensive approach to certification, which encompasses a broader spectrum of sustainability metrics, including carbon emissions and ethical labour practices—areas often overlooked by other certifications.

Seamless Integration for Maximum Points


Achieving up to 3 points under the Green Star system is made effortlessly attainable with Kaolin’s products. With projects requiring up to 9% of sustainable materials to qualify, our tiles can contribute up to 6% towards this goal, effectively delivering two of the three points. A typical percentage of tiles used in a project can easily account for 8% of the total material cost.

Affordability Meets Sustainability


We understand the challenges that come with sourcing sustainable materials, often hindered by cost. However, our Future range offers an affordably sustainable solution to this dilemma. With tiles priced competitively at $35/sqm, choosing a sustainable option has never made more sense. With Kaolin, cost does not compromise your commitment to sustainability, ensuring your projects remain environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable.

Conclusion: A Pathway to Green Excellence


Choosing Kaolin products not only simplifies the journey to achieving valuable Green Star points but also aligns your projects with the highest standards of sustainability and ethical responsibility. Let’s work together to build a greener future, one project at a time.