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Our Quality

Our Quality

Kaolin, a distinguished member of the family-owned Guanxing Ceramics Group, stands among the world's premier manufacturers, consistently ranked within the top 10 Chinese porcelain companies for over a decade. Founded in 1995, Guanxing Ceramics has been recognised as one of China’s top 10 ceramics companies for eight consecutive years. It is globally recognised that the highest level of quality is brought to customers.

The company is one of the most famous ceramic enterprises with large domestic demand, upscale products in a variety of tile categories. It employs over 3,500 employees and an annual output of more than 38 million sqm.

Our Strengths

  • 1.Top 10 in China

    Guanxing Ceramics has been acknowledged as one of the top 10 brands in China. Moreover, every year, several of our products receive numerous privileges and titles. Our brands are well-known in the industry for their innovation, quality, unique products, and impressive showrooms.

  • 2.Seamless Joint

    Kaolin is able to offer a product so exact that grout joints as small as 0.5mm can be used.

  • 3.Highest Printing Quality

    Our printers are able to achieve over 12 layered 720 DPI print, highest in the world.

  • 4.Endless Vein

    Endless Vein achieves infinity, with a grid of 6 or 8 unique pieces that connect vertically and horizontally in a continuous pattern. With seamless joints it presents as one flawless magnificent piece.

  • 5.Surface Flatness

    Kaolin prides itself on producing some of the flattest tiles available, with only +/- 0.02% height deviation over the surface.

  • 6.Low Water Absorption

    The average water absorption rate of Kaolin Tiles is only 0.04%, more than 10 times stricter than the International standard.

  • 7.True to Size

    Kaolin Saemless Joint tiles have no more than 0.3mm variation between any two tiles.

  • 8.True 90 - degree Rectified Edge

    Kaolin press all tiles to the required size we do not cut the tiles down and do not bevel the edge.

  • 9.Lifetime Warranty

    At Kaolin, we provide a lifetime warranty, as we believe our product is made to last forever. We are confident in our manufacturing quality.


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