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Create something completely bespoke.

There’s a global trend towards personalisation that allows for the creation of truly exceptional and individualised spaces. Architects and designers can now focus on creating unique experiences for clients using our customisation options, they can now inject their brand or signature style into the design and have it fabricated into something extraordinary and bespoke.

How it works



Share your vision, ideas, sketches & drawings

Come in and show us your concepts and what you envisage, or tell us about something you want to recreate. We will discuss the possibilities with you and work out the best options for your project.



bring your style to kaolin

Product selection & product placement

We will assist you in bringing your design vision to life by carefully selecting and placing products. With a vast selection of over 4000 ranges, you can allocate up to 7 collections, tailored to your specific tile style and placement needs.


Design files

We send off your choices and drawings to our international design team for design files, which might need to include face variations. These design files turn it into a manufacturable product.



 3D render & approval

We will create a CGI representation of it and incorporate it into the project design. After that, we will provide you with a detailed price breakdown for your approval. The entire process, from the initial sketch to the final price allocation, takes around 1-2 weeks.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your idea is carefully considered. Give us a call.