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Unveiling the Future of Ceramic Artistry in China

On January 15, 2024, a significant event took place at the Romario Showroom in the heart of China's ceramic industry. It marked a major milestone in the world of tile manufacturing and design. Romario, one of the leading brands in China, part of Kaolin Tiles, joined forces with the world's top 100 designer Greg Natale to unveil the DIMORA series.
This ground-breaking collaboration sets a new benchmark in the union of art and craftsmanship.

The event commenced with an inspiring address by Guangdong Guanxing Ceramics Enterprise managing director Mr. He to the  100+ Romario’s distributors and a great number of press representatives who gathered to witness this historic occasion. Mr. He emphasised Romario’s commitment to innovation through collaborative partnerships. Greg Natale heralded a new era of product differentiation, exemplified by the DIMORA series. This merger represented a convergence of international design prowess and manufacturing expertise, injecting fresh energy into the ceramics industry while bridging Eastern and Western cultural influences.

Mr. Deng Xiaoli                                         Mr. Wang Zhike


Mr. Deng Xiaoli, the renowned  Museum Architect, articulated the company’s dedication to originality and innovation, marking a shift from “Made in China” to “Created in China.” Esteemed guest Mr. Wang Zhike, vice president of China Interior Design Association of Foshan, further elaborated on the evolving trends in space design, highlighting the resonance of the DIMORA series with contemporary aesthetic sensibilities.


The unveiling of the DIMORA series was met with a resounding success as Anton and Rita Kaolin’s directors and Greg Natale unveiled the creative process behind these extraordinary tiles. Inspired by Italian classic architecture and urban style, the DIMORA series epitomized Greg Natale’s visionary design philosophy, pushing the boundaries of traditional tile aesthetics. Each tile told a compelling story, invoking a sense of nature and artistry.

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The event culminated in a ceremonial signing, sealing the deepening partnership between Romario and Greg Natale. As we embark on a new year,  our Romario manufacturers bold vision and commitment to excellence promise to shape the future of the ceramic industry. With each ground-breaking innovation, they reaffirm their status as pioneers in the pursuit of aesthetic perfection and elevate the artistry of living spaces worldwide.