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On the 13th July We hosted a group of exemplary architecture practices whose projects have been shortlisted in The Building category. To have four of the best Australian practices present their projects in our showroom was such a privilege.

Kaolin is passionate about good design, so we are delighted to be a part of the INDE.AWARDS as a building partner,  to have four of the best Australian practices come together in  our showroom to discuss their shortlisted projects. 

 Such an important  platform to be apart of where knowledge is shared and insights gained, each speaker was particularly impressive delivering on the concepts, designs and realisation of each building.


Presented by Andrew Tucker & Wesley Perrot


The Wurriki Nyal Civic Precinct is a masterfully designed space that prioritizes community wellbeing, sustainability, and cultural integration, a commitment to placing people at the centre of their vision and prioritising physical and emotional wellbeing in their building design. It’s a vibrant public platform that incorporates Aboriginal heritage and native gardens, showcasing its commitment to sustainability. The Council Hub serves as a collaborative workplace and accessible public space, bringing together departments and fostering community engagement. Its impressive sustainability credentials, further highlight its recognition as an exemplary civic precinct.

Wurriki Nyal Civic Precinct by Cox Architecture, photograph by Peter Clarke.


Poly Centre 210 George Street by Grimshaw, photograph by Peter Bennetts.

Presented by Tiffany Allan & Wayne Henkel


The Poly Centre, located in the thriving George Streets area of Sydney, is  a standout building. Its unique sculptural form, along with its cantilevered arches and tripartite composition, creates a welcoming and sheltered public space. The building’s western façades feature vertical blades that provide transparency to the street, while also shading occupants at different times of the day. Inside, the vertical villages foster a sense of community and are filled with ample daylight. The Poly Centre’s integration with the public realm through street-front retail, a captivating lobby, and indigenous-inspired elements further enhance its appeal. 


Presented by Xinyi Wang


The Dove Lake Viewing Shelter in Tasmania is an outstanding structure that deserves recognition for its remarkable integration with the surrounding glacial lake landscape. This project rests lightly in its natural surrounding, perfectly balancing its primary function. The scored exterior, robust sustainable materials, and careful siting combine to create a sense of anticipation for visitors, while the minimally-lit interiors strategically frame breath-taking views, increasing awareness of the impact on the delicate constantly changing weathered landscape. Additionally, the shelter’s collaboration with the local community, members of the Big River Nation adding cultural significance, making it not just a shelter but also a contemplative chapel honouring the area’s indigenous past and enduring connection to Country.


Dove Lake Viewing Shelter by Cumulus Studios photograph by Anjie Blair.


Thomas Dixon Centre by Conrad Gargett, photograph by Chris Wardle.

Presented by Simon Boundy


Thomas Dixon Centre for the Queensland Ballet a state heritage-listed center has been transformed into a hub of wellness, art, and performance. Careful collaboration with the ballet company has resulted in a thoughtful renovation and extension integrating heritage with contemporary architecture. The design beautifully embraces the pillars of art, people, home, and wellness. Its transparency reveals the inner workings of ballet and creates a stunning visual experience. The new additions, thoughtfully set back from the heritage building, create a central promenade where the Queensland Ballet’s story and legacy will be experienced by both the company and the community. This development is visionary and takes great care to preserve the heritage of architecture and the arts.

Thank you for coming


What a great experience enjoying signature cocktails and delectable gourmet dishes while engaging in stimulating conversations with each company in an intimate setting, it was truly unforgettable. The evening was brimming with moments of deep insights and inspiration that will be cherished for a long time.