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INDE.AWARDS our Building Category Winner.

We are proud to have sponsored the Building category of the prestigious 2023 INDE.Awards, a night that celebrated architectural excellence and design innovation at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.



The INDE.Awards program culminated in a dazzling VIP gala at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, with the stunning Sydney Harbour as a backdrop, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for designers, architects, and enthusiasts. This event not only recognized the exceptional talents in our industry but also served as a platform to foster connections within the Indo-Pacific design community, reflecting our collective commitment to shaping the future of architecture and design on a global scale.

The Building of 2023

The University of Queensland Cricket Club Maintenance Shed, designed by Lineburg Wang and Steve Hunt Architect Australia, won our sponsored category for innovative design within budget constraints. The shed prioritized cost efficiencies while showcasing the versatility of blockwork structure through decorative screens. Sustainable features like passive ventilation and universal access facilities were also incorporated. The Shed is a noteworthy addition to the architectural landscape.

The 2023 INDE jury remarked, “The University of Queensland Cricket Club Maintenance Shed shows progressive design at its best. With a breathable façade that becomes a decorative exterior layer, the design is simple in its complexity yet totally at home in its place.”

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