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Our recently hosted event in partnership with the Design Institute of Australia was a great success, marking one of their initial accredited CPDs. As guests entered our showroom, they were greeted by our stunning precious stone porcelain tiles and treated to delectable nibbles and fine cocktails.

Jason Mifsud took the stage, introducing the designers to our new products and our customization options, emphasizing the vital role of initiating creative conversations between designers and manufacturers.

Staun Rasmussen, the technical voice of Kaolin Tiles, shared invaluable insights into our production processes, shedding light on the meticulous craftsmanship

and technology infused into every tile we create. Amidst these technical revelations, was our unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Staun’s discourse on our Green Certification underscored the paramount importance of sustainability and the need for heightened awareness in our industry.

The highlight of the evening arrived when we had the privilege of having “Interiors beyond the primary palette” by Arent & Pyke signed by the remarkable Sarah-Jane herself. Her warm and open spirit  was truly amazing.

In the spirit of continuous learning and professional advancement, we sincerely hope that the attendees departed not only with cherished memories of a fun night but also with newfound knowledge to enrich their design journeys.