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Warm Colours vs. Cool Colours

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Think about the mood you want to evoke in the room before choosing between cool vs. warm colour tiles.
Warm colours usually include reds, yellows, oranges, and similar.
Cool colours include purples, blues, greens, and other deep tones.
White is also usually considered a cool colour.
You can mix warm with cool to create a more modern look. Why not try white or yellow? You can also choose white with browns or reds. Think about a dark base to inspire comfort and a feeling of relaxation.


Warm colors are always associated with comfort and coziness. Basically, feelings of warmth. They also inspire energy, passion, and playfulness.
Choose warm tiles for big spaces so that the area feels smaller and more intimate.


Cool tile colors are the opposite of warm. They enlarge a space and evoke a feeling of vast openness. The cool tiles in a room will inspire calmness, relaxation, and refreshment.
Think about the benefits of colors. With warm tiles, you can create a feeling of life and vibrancy. However, they are also ideal for bedrooms because they soothe.
Cool tile colors are great for kitchens or bathrooms. Living spaces can also benefit from the subtle shades. They inspire a feeling of simplicity and modern charm.
When choosing between cool vs. warm tiles, you’ll want to spend time considering the mood you want to evoke with the room’s design and decor. Once you have a plan, you’ll be able to pick the best tile colors to fit the space.