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Travertine-look Tile

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Image adding travertine tile to your home without the high cost. You can have the beauty and durability of genuine travertine tile with travertine-look tile. It is an imitation that very few can tell from the real thing.


The Look of Real Travertine Stone with Travertine-look Tile


Our travertine-like tiles even have real holes! Each travertine-like tile is a unique creation. No two are the same. This is a perfect replica of nature. You won’t be able to tell that it’s not real stone. You can leave the holes open or you can group them to create a better surface for maintenance. Yes, real travertine stone tiles look amazing, but travertine-look tile is the perfect imitation. You truly won’t be able to tell the difference.

The Limitations of Travertine Stone Tiles


Real travertine stone tiles have limitations and require special care. You simply cannot install real travertine anywhere you want. It is not suitable for areas like pools, showers, or floors that experience heavy foot traffic. However, our travertine-look tile makes an ideal pool tile, it can be used in areas of heavy foot traffic such as an entryway and is perfect for bathrooms or other areas that often sustain excessive moisture. Our travertine-look tiles have all the quality characteristics of real travertine tiles without excessive care.

Install Travertine-look Tiles Indoors or Outdoors


With our travertine-look tiles, you can install them indoors or outdoors. We offer a lovely palette of colors to fit any home decor. Each one looks realistic and will quickly enhance your home with warmth and character. With easy care, durability, and classic charm, you can enjoy the elegance of travertine without the high cost.

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