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What do tile sizes say about a space?  The answer is A LOT!   You can truly create a unique and dramatic appearance by opting to use larger sized tiles such as porcelain slabs or large format tiles. Like the old saying – ‘go big or go home’.

The benefits of using bigger tiles such as porcelain panels or large format tile include

  • Use less grout in the joints
  • Create an illusion of a bigger space
  • Stone looks more authentic and real
  • Large rectangular tiles help lengthen space such as a hallway
  • Need less tiles to achieve the look you seek
  • Faster installation time (less time means a more affordable project)




The only main drawback to installing bigger tiles is that you will want to make sure the floor is perfectly level because the tiles are unforgiving of any rise in the subfloor unlike smaller tiles which can often be used to hide imperfections.





The use of larger sized tiles gives you the ability to lengthen a space or widen a room. Although an illusion it is ideal if you want to make the space seem larger with greater depth and length. Without a doubt, in areas where small residences are the norm, the use of large size tiles have truly become popular. Nowadays, large sizes are being more favored in decor. In Asia, the 750*1500 tile is the most common size used. When used outdoors, such as around a pool, the tiles truly make the space seem spacious.

Whether you pick porcelain slabs, large format tiles, or porcelain panels, you can choose from a variety of finishes and colours to achieve the ambiance you desire.

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