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At Kaolin, the teachings of our elders and the magic of our past traditions have guided our choices and our course into the future.
Thanks to this ancient knowledge and the value of traditional processes, like the use of the 4 elements in making porcelain, we knew we needed to embrace change so that any purchase of our tiles makes an impact on future generations.

Our considerations and transformation of the 4 elements.

This has allowed us to focus on CREATIVITY and QUALITY.

Creating a tile of such depth and beauty is our passion and the attention to detail is something we strive for and have achieved in all of our collections. The excellence and quality of our tiles make them an affordable investment.
If you are looking for an exquisite, well-made, timeless piece, or maybe something a bit more subdued, it’s worth coming into our showroom to see all our collections for yourself.

we pride ourselves on quality, sustainability, and durability