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How to Use Tiles to Increase the Value of Your Home?

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Are you planning on selling your home in the future and you want to increase its value? Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to add value to the resale value of your residence. Simply adding tile can increase your home’s asking price.


When a would-be buyer enters your home first impressions are everything. They will immediately develop a feel for the space, so you want it to look inviting. Consider tiling your porch, entryway, hallway, or walls. No, you do not have to tile the entire space from top to bottom, but you can definitely freely use tile. Even if you live in a period home such as a Victorian, adding tile to the entry will actually enhance the house’s traditional style instead of detracting from it.


Bathrooms sell a home. They are a great place to refurbish because they will substantially increase the price of your home, so your ROI is superb. A tastefully tiled bathroom is aesthetically appealing. You can even opt to go with stone or natural stone looking tiles. You might also want to use anti-slip tiles in the bathroom to keep everyone safe. Honestly, bathrooms make a lasting impression on any buyer.


The other important space in a home is the kitchen. Everyone wants a clean, functional kitchen. Adding tile to the space automatically makes it seem pristine and accentuates the beauty of the space. Consider tiles on the floor and backsplash. Large tiles can truly maximize the space and you get to use fewer grout lines. When creating the kitchen backsplash, try tiling techniques like vertical blocks, Herringbone, or horizontal block to create visual interest.


Tiles do help increase the value of a home and are a great way to maximize your profit on resale while making only a minimal investment. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are wonderfully durable and can easily cover up blemishes on a wall or floor, so they are a great way to hide wear and tear in a home and give it a face lift. Once installed, tile can last a lifetime, so they are an impressive long term investment that quickly pays for itself. Another perk about tiles is that they are fire resistant and do not give off any chemical fumes.


If you are thinking about adding tile to your home, please contact Kaolin to learn more today.