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Achieving Next-Level Luxury

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“Shiny”, was the only adjective given to Doot Design as the brief for the new flagship spa. Saltair Day Spa in Port Melbourne is promoted as the home of luxury. This gave them a decisive path of opulence for the design and user experience, away from the expected earthiness. Making it very much in line with the client’s ethos which provides visitors with exceptional customer service and unforgettable rich and lavish experiences.


Doot Designs Philosophy is to create a user-centered design, this is evident in their research and understanding of the culture and human nature behind the want and need to be enveloped in exquisite decadence. This allowed them to explore the materiality needed for such a project.

Doot Design makes a real effort to balance sustainability and minimise waste in their designs, they adapt design where possible. Besides the fact that all Kaolin tiles are 100% sustainable, their choice was to use the large format, which creates a grand feel while also minimising waste. The essential yet deliberate lighting on the polished tiles was maximised through the reflective surfaces.


This is what we love about our job, it allows us to go on the journey with our clients,  seeing the final finished product. Knowing people are going to be walking in there feeling next-level luxury.


Design by Doot Design
Fitout by
Photography by Damien Kook
Lighting by Lighting Spaces/ Lucretia/ Doot Design
Wall tile cladding by Kaolin